Dreams are the answers to questions that we haven’t yet figured out how to ask – Unknown

Courtesy: girusubank.blogspot.com


  • God-fearing Woman Generation!


Career and Education


  • Conquer these challenges as Chinese Expatriate Personal Assistant – ✓
  • Back on track, to Communication / PR world – ✓

(by 2012)

  • Go deeper and higher as PR in this giant-consumer-company.
  • Find a freelance job/own business.
  • Take master degree. Have not decided the major, but I think it will be communication. Hope I can get scholarship abroad.

(future plan)

  • Own a PR consultant based on Christian values, together with my dear friends. I am sure now God put all of us in different fields so that later we can make it.
  • Lecturing. 🙂



  • Writing, writing, writing!
  • Start to share the Word by writing somewhere seriously.
  • Join DATE community – ✓
  • Travelling!
  • Try new stuff : surfing, diving, cruise, snowboard, parasailing, bungee jumping, skating, climbing!
  • Watch NBA/World Cup Finals LIVE!
  • Dance in the rain!
  • Israel trip!
  • Make many new great friends, yet still keep in touch with besties: BigFams, MyRock, Ilkom Girls, ISBS, Highschool friends, etc. !



  • Learn to cook.
  • Learn to drive a car and motorcycle.
  • Learn about make up, and upgrade my appearance. :p
  • Learn photography, and have my own DSLR camera!
  • Get in shape and stay in shape.. I think, have routine exercise is good enough..
  • Buy a nice vehicle on my own
  • Keep writing, and maybe make my own poetry or short story book.


Courtesy: insomniousnights.wordpress.com

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