Humbly Present: banyakbangetdotcom


I know I have been far far away from my blog lately.. So sorry but I’ll try to catch up later. Now, me and my bestfriends humbly present our new project:It’s our writing project(s), because by writing more, we learn more.

The name itself means “So Many”. And I hope I present that clearly by put those beautiful colors above. And I hope you guys get the message clearly, that our website write about many things in our many lives. I don’t know how and where this web will be going to. I am just too excited to write more.

Thank you for reading this *because if you do, you maybe one of my inspiration and you make me know, someone is actually read AND WAIT for my posts in my blog*

You, guys and girls, are the COOLEST reader ever! *grouphug* Don’t forget to click our website yaa!!

© Jak – 060912– 1515 ©


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