The Dance Performing!

Hi! Four hours after the dance performance I mentioned in here. I guess you curious about the performance?? And the photos?? Relax, I will show it at the end of post.

Overall, it went well. If you asked me, I will score 9 out of 10 for the dancer. But, this dance performing is not about the dancer only. We shall not forget the band, the lighting, the multimedia team, and of course the stage manager. And that was the factor that my score decreased to 7 out of 10.

These point deduction occured beacuse of several things. First, the committee brought our properties (kipas bulu, red. :P) and gone nowhere to be found.. until the very last minute before our showtime.

Second is the miscoordination between stage manager and multimedia team. At the rehearsal, we have told them that the entrance method is we will run from about 1,5 metres in front of the stage. When we told it was our showtime, we were still queueing in front of the right door of the hall, and we have reminded them about the entrance method.

One of them told us that they have not received any instruction to let us enter the hall, so we have to wait. While in fact, the audience have waited for us for about 2 minutes in there! We waited…. until we suddenly heard the intro of our song!

Unrewindable, we have to ran from the door to the stage. By the time we arrived at the stage, the song already begun and these 15 people tried the best we coud to make it right. Half of us did the right moves at the wrong time, and its half did i-was-right-but-others-not-so-what-should-i-do-? moves. Just imagine. It was a little bit chaos up there.

We could make it right after around 1 minute of the song, by the way. And after that, all just going very well.

I don’t have the complete photo or even video of our performance yet. All I can give now is only sneakpeek behind the stage and after the show, our photos!

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