Each Tear

Mary J Blige ft. Jay Sean – Each Tear

There’s something that I want to say,

But I feel I don’t know how.

Until I just can’t hold it one more day,

So I think I let it out.

You’re on my mind more than I may show

You’re in my heart more than you may know

And the last thing that I want,

Is to you to fall apart.

You’re future will be clearer,

I want you to remember.


In each tear

there’s a lesson, (there’s a lesson)

Makes you wiser than before (wiser)

Makes you stronger than you know (stronger)

In each tear (each tear)

Brings you closer to your dreams

No mistake, no heartbreak

Can take away what you’re meant to be..

We can’t change the things,

That we done, that’s in our past.

But fighting won’t get us anywhere,

So if you want, then here’s my hand…

Every night there is one thing I do

I bow my head and I pray for you (pray for you)

And the last thing that I want (that I want)

Is for you to fall apart

you’re future will be clearer

I want you to remember


You’re much more than a struggle that you go through

You’re not defined by your pain, so let it go…

You’re not a victim, you’re more like a winner

And you’re not in defeat, you’re more like a queen


No no we can’t be held down

No no oh noo

I I I can’t be held down

You you you can’t be held down

We we we can’t be held down


And makes you so much stronger (stronger)

And makes you so much wiser (wiser)

In each tear (in each tear)

And you so close to your dreams,

And no mistake, no heartbreak,

can’t take away you’re meant to be


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