[S.Sos] Tow Colloquium

Today is my colloquium final presentation

When I submitted my proposal last Thursday, I really feel terrible and hesitant. Why? I just know that I’ll be failed in first period. Feels like someone told me that I could do better than what I’ve done. I really feel that God wants me to do something bigger for my thesis.

In presentation time, I felt I’m saying some bullshit, just right in the first sentence. Suddenly, all the fears and hesitates disappear and gone. I know my result, even the QA session has not begun yet. In fact, my examiner not asked me to left the room, because all of us know the result before it is told.

Really, I am not sad at all. I just know that God wants this happen to me. I get bigger task and harder process to do, it’s because God wants me be better and be strong. (Hebrews12:8).

Here, I just want to say many thanks to their, who support me. My family. “Ai kantin” and Hizkia (my cell group leader), who pray for me before my presentation. I’m sorry I can’t pass, but I have done my best.

I really hope that all of my bestfriends can pass their presentation in these two weeks. I sad being alone in next process. However, I am still hope the very best happen to them.

Keep spirit, and have passion in God!!

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2 thoughts on “[S.Sos] Tow Colloquium

  1. well, since u’r not sad at all..
    what’s with the english post?? mr gini blogku g punya usp deh..
    all d best y darlink.. work on ur next proposal, jgn klamaan istirahatnya… 🙂

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