Finding Me


All of the people around “Me” are looking for “Me”.
Everyone is looking for her…
Dunno exactly when “Me” was missing..
It’s just happened suddenly…
Gone all of the laughter from “Me”
Gone all of the happy time that “Me” always share to her surroundings
Gone all of the spirit, passion, and care from “Me”..
There’s only a girl, dunno who she is, who acts nearly like “Me”..
She introduced herself as “Me” to everyone, but I know exactly this girl isn’t “Me”

the differences are….
This girl has no passion.. has no spirit.. has no clue what to do.
This girl looks like a drifter, which confused where to go
This girl only plays hard, just for surviving
This girl has ruined all of the good things that “Me” has built..
Including “Me”s relationship and time with all of the people
Actually this girl is so much weaker than “Me”..
This girl can’t stand out for facing her problem
And the bad news is we still dunno ‘till when this girl will stay..
Will she take over all of “Me”s belongings? And replace “Me”?

“Me” really miss to comeback..
But “Me” just dunno how to get back…anyone can help?

By: Natasha Benita


Are you seeking for your Me too???


2 thoughts on “Finding Me

  1. yeahhh i always seeking of me to but in relationship in GOd, and it always give me passion and understanding to do anything that’s the key cus… sehingga kita ngelakuin apapun bukan karena nganggur ato sekedar dibutuhkan tapi harus ada interaksi spiritualnya, so bener banget harus nyarinya di Tuhan tuh, klo gak jadi manusia yang sekedar ego dan pusat hidupnya yah dirinya gt..
    ayo cus terus bertumbuh yahhh, enjoy the process although hard maybe, jangan lazy2 yah, kyknya naturmu dilligent deh, klo kamu lazy, qt2 ni apa donk??? hahaha
    GBU, read this (2 kor 5:15)^^
    (btw salah masukin nama gw hahaha)- hapus aja

  2. yeah i’m missing my ME too.. n stop writing in english! nanti blogku ga punya USP lagiiiieee, haha.. hmm.. tapi y gpp ws, biar sama2 maju, lagian aku duluan, huhauhauhau.. miss u buk!

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